Sydneybased Hivery 30M Tiger Globalwiggerstechcrunch

sydneybased hivery 30m tiger globalwiggerstechcrunch


In an exciting development for the Australian tech scene, Sydney-based startup Hivery has just raised a substantial $30 million investment from Tiger Global, one of the world’s leading investment firms. This landmark funding round has sent ripples through the tech industry and puts Hivery on a trajectory to disrupt the market with its innovative AI-driven solutions. This article explores the significance of this investment and its potential impact on Hivery’s future and the tech ecosystem at large.

Hivery: A Pioneer in AI Solutions

Hivery is not your typical tech startup. Founded in 2015 by Franki Chamaki, Hivery has been making waves with its cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions. The company specializes in using AI to optimize retail operations, particularly in the realm of space management, assortment, and promotional strategies.

What sets Hivery apart is its unique approach to solving complex problems. The company combines machine learning algorithms with human expertise to deliver insights and recommendations that drive tangible results for its clients. This blend of AI and human intelligence has allowed Hivery to build a strong reputation in the retail industry, with clients ranging from global giants to boutique stores.

Tiger Global: A Global Tech Investment Powerhouse

Tiger Global, with its headquarters in New York, is renowned for its strategic investments in technology companies worldwide. The firm has an impressive track record of backing startups that later become tech giants. Its investments include early bets on companies like Facebook, Spotify, and Stripe. This substantial investment in Hivery signals Tiger Global’s confidence in the potential of the Australian startup to make a significant impact on the tech industry.

Hivery’s Vision and Growth Potential

The $30 million infusion from Tiger Global is a game-changer for Hivery. It not only validates the company’s innovative approach but also provides the necessary capital to accelerate its growth. Hivery’s CEO, Franki Chamaki, expressed excitement about the partnership with Tiger Global, stating, “This investment will help us further our mission to transform retail operations with AI-driven solutions. We are thrilled to have Tiger Global’s support and look forward to scaling our impact.”

Hivery’s innovative AI technology is already being used by retailers to optimize store layouts, enhance product assortments, and improve promotional strategies. With the new funding, Hivery can expand its reach into new markets, invest in research and development, and hire top talent to strengthen its capabilities.

Implications for the Australian Tech Ecosystem

Hivery’s success story is not just a win for the company but also for the Australian tech ecosystem. It showcases the potential of Australian startups to attract global investment and make a significant mark on the international tech stage. This influx of capital from Tiger Global serves as a vote of confidence in the quality of tech innovation coming out of Australia.

Moreover, Hivery’s success may inspire other Australian startups to dream big and aim for global recognition. It’s a testament to the fact that with the right idea, execution, and support, startups from anywhere in the world can achieve remarkable success.


Hivery’s $30 million investment from Tiger Global is a momentous milestone in the company’s journey to revolutionize retail operations through AI. It not only provides the necessary resources for Hivery to grow but also shines a spotlight on the thriving Australian tech ecosystem. As Hivery continues to innovate and expand its reach, it serves as a beacon of inspiration for startups globally, demonstrating the incredible potential of AI-driven solutions and the power of visionary entrepreneurship. The future looks promising for Hivery, and its journey is one worth watching closely in the tech world.