“Cómo se llama in English”

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Words or phrases in another language often lack direct translation. One such idiomatic expression that often puzzles Spanish speakers is “como se hace.” In this blog post, I will provide the equivalent English phrase – como llama!

What does “How should we address it?” mean?

“Como se Llama”, translated into English as “What’s Your Name”, is commonly used when meeting new people or politely inquiring about their name. This phrase may also be used when asking about somebody you just met at an event or on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Alternative Translations

There are other ways of asking someone their name in English. There are multiple methods you can take when asking someone their name in this way.

What’s Your Name (Tell Me Your Full Name) (Whither are You From?) (What do you have a full name of?) (What am I Calling You Now??) (Who are You?) (PLEASE RESPOND).

Here are a few examples on how to use “como sirve” in English.

Hello! May I know your name? In Spanish: How are you?

Hello, what’s your name?
In Spanish it would be Disculpe: Como se llama este lugar?

Please pardon my ignorance, but what is this place called?

What is Your Brother’s Name? (Spanish)

What is your brother’s name?

Search for someone’s name using other methods.

There are various other ways of asking someone’s name in Spanish. Try these phrases:

“?Cual es tu nombre?” What is Your Name?

How Can We Contact You?” “?Who Am I?” What Do You Use as Your Nickname?

Can You Share Your Name?” Can you tell me your name?

Conclusion of Article (PDF file).

Learning any language involves mastering how to ask someone their name. One common way of doing this in Spanish is “como se ha llamado”, while the equivalent phrase in English would be “what’s your name?” There are other phrases and translations you may encounter when speaking Spanish, giving you greater confidence when conversing with speakers of the language. Knowing these phrases will enable conversations between Spanish speakers.